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Momentum CFO is a boutique firm specializing in fractional Chief Financial Officer services for small to mid-sized businesses. We help business owners increase profit, improve cash flow, plan, and make smart financial decisions. Enjoy the benefits of Fortune 500 financial expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

You have a vision for the future of your business. We help you get there. Whether you need high-level strategy and a proven plan to achieve your next revenue goals, help managing your business finances and ever-growing to-do list, or you’ve got a financial problem that’s affecting your cash flow and peace of mind — Momentum CFO is your financial solution.

Gain the Benefits of Experience

Enjoy powerful results

What happens when you engage a trusted CFO with over 20 years of experience helping businesses succeed?

“Our profit on a sale to a major women’s clothing store was nearly 50% higher than we’d have earned without working with Rosemary! She analyzed all aspects of the order and showed us specific adjustments to make. She not only solved our immediate problems, she also created a customer profitability framework that we can follow for future sales to additional customers. I can’t speak highly enough of Rosemary and the level of accountability that comes with working with Momentum CFO. This has proven to be one of the smartest financial decisions I’ve made for my company.” – S. Sisca, CEO of Social Sunday

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Custom Solutions and Peace of Mind

We complement your expertise

We understand that our clients are experts in their specific industry. Yet when your skill set doesn’t include a financial background, it’s difficult to feel secure about your business’s financial direction.

Burdened by financial management, you’re forced to make financial decisions outside of your expertise: Will this purchase be a good investment? Should you sign this contract or not? Is your pricing optimal? Can you afford to hire more employees? Your time is spread thin, and you worry about how you’ll move your business forward.

Our customized services are designed to help you  feel confident that your financial operations are running smoothly and profitably.

Fractional CFO services

Working with Momentum CFO includes:

    1. In-depth analysis of your business’ unique financial situation
    2. Identifying problems that need to be fixed and making recommendations for profit improvements that you may not have known or thought to explore
    3. Using business intelligence (BI) tools to analyze your data and present user-friendly executive dashboards that will help you make informed decisions
    4. Implementing a clear strategy and action plan that will not only solve today’s problems, but will educate you about how to avoid them in the future


See how Momentum CFO delivers precisely the right solutions to meet your business needs.

Want to see if a CFO is the right fit?

Try our CFO services on for size. Experience the benefits of having a CFO on your team by having your questions answered directly by Momentum CFO.

Ask what’s on your mind in absolute confidentiality, and we’ll answer by the next business day. How can a CFO’s skill set bring you financial peace of mind? What are your most pressing issues? Ask anything via our contact form. We’re here to help.